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Fran Coleman: Life Coach

Fran Coleman is a gifted intuitive. For over thirty years her life's work has been the development, refinement, exploration and mastery of the highest intuitive realities of the body and the spirit. Extensive studies and experience in the fields of metaphysics, healing, hypnotherapy, sociology,  psychology and non-verbal communication ultimately expanded to empathy and  understanding. These elements have forged in her a deep insight into humanity and discovery of her abilities. Fran specializes in self empowerment and coaching through “spiritual awakening.” Born with the gift of discernment (elevated perception), she is a specialist in concentrating on your relationship with yourself first. 

As a Life Coach, she offers practical solutions for the business, personal, emotional and spiritual areas of your life. In times like these, it has never been so important to be patient, centered, positive and ready for change.

Fran is experienced in both traditional and spiritual counseling sessions. She will work in whatever way makes you the most comfortable to assure progress and satisfaction with the process. Sometimes just having a safe,  neutral and caring person to talk to can make all the difference in the world.

Services include meditation and grounding techniques, stress reduction, health and HCG Diet coaching, relationship coaching and enhancing personal growth and self esteem. Her offices are in West Los Angeles, Ca.



image“I thank god  for bringing you to me.. otherwise I would not be able to type this. Thank you Fran for helping me see the beauty inside of me when others refused to see it. I would not be able to handle the sticky situations and everyday challenges without your help and for that I am truly grateful.” 2/08

Fran will help you:

  • Change the way you see the world
  • Remove Life Obstacles
  • Discover how to be comfortable in your own skin
  • Turn a  crisis into an opportunity
  • Listen  and develop your own intuition
  • Find that true beauty lies within

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